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  • How to find a dog trainer (2019) - finding a dog trainer is tricky and new organisations and trainers are popping up all the time. Here's my advice On how to find one. Finding a trainer (blog)

  • Why say no to check chains? (2008 rev 2009) Regrettably it still needs to be explained. I look forward to the day this article becomes redundant.

  •  The Dominance Debate (2008) A longer, fuller version of an article that was originally published in the James Wellbeloved Magazine (and much criticised for its challenges to the prevailing view of 'dominance' in some quarters) a few years before
  •  Differences in trait impulsivity indicate diversification of dog breeds into working and show lines. Fernanda Ruiz Fadel, Patricia Driscoll, Malorzata Pilot, Hannah Wright, Helen Zulch and Daniel Mills. Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 22162 (2016). A Scientific Reports' 'Top 100 read articles 2016'

  •  Chapter one in ‘Teach Yourself Dog Training’ book published by Hodder and Stoughton, 2005, edited by the APDT

  •  Regular feature articles and contributing expert ‘Ask the Expert’ in the Wellbeloved Magazine

  •  Original research and compilation of list of British post war keeshond champions IN Keeshonds of the World by Margo Emerson

  •  Regular series of articles on competitive obedience in the late Pedigree Dog Breeder magazine

  •  Occasional features in other magazines and journals

  •  Script writer/casting (and participating in) The Motivation Movie. 2002. Produced by Sarah Whitehead and Joanna Hill.

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The Teamwork Training YouTube channel.

Not actively maintained, but it still has some fun videos