The Gnasher ClubThe Gnasher Club offers support to owners of "reactive" dogs that show aggressive or noisy behaviour directed at other dogs - whatever their motivation - and to give them the opportunity to work with and around other dogs under safe and controlled conditions.  



Members work together in a relaxed and supportive environment to help each other. 


With the expert and qualified guidance from Paddy and the Teamwork Training Team members have the opportunity to practice and review the skills needed to work around other people and dogs. The aim is for members to learn how to manage and change their dog's behaviour within the constraints of normal exercise routines out in the 'Real World'.


The Gnasher Club normally meets at South Hykeham on the first Saturday of every month, 10am - 12 midday but note due to covid19, meetings are suspended at the moment.

Handler numbers at each meeting are limited. 


It is not suitable for every dog, and they will need to be assessed first. Dogs undergoing training with other behaviourists or trainers are welcome to join us so long as the techniques used are compatible with the Teamwork Training ethos and techniques. 


Gnasher Club members have their own FaceBook Group (approval needed to join).