Competitive Obedience Class

What is Competitive Obedience?griffhwork3


 Obedience as taught at Teamwork Training is not the 'drilled' activity that it can be. It is not about 'making' dogs do things. 


Viewed as a sequence of sophisticated moves, or even tricks, it demands more from the trainer in attention to detail and in extending those sequences, than most other dog training activities do. It is a great way to understand better how your dog learns and just what they are capable of when they are motivated enough.


Domestically the exercises may not always seem to be directly relevant to being a well behaved companion dog, but what has always been part and parcel of 'obedience' training are the underlying skills - self control, communication skills, learning how to play and motivate, reliable responses to cues etc - all of which are essential to a great relationship between dog and handler. 

Classes concentrate on the exercises and skills needed for competing up to, and including, Novice and test A at open/championship shows, although other exercises up to C are included from time to time.  They are taught by Paddy Driscoll who has competed up to C only.

  • Teaching heelwork, recall, retrieve and stays
  • Introducing sendaway, DC, scent discrimination

Training is clicker/reward based, using food and play based on the techniques developed by Jo Hill. The focus is on motivation and fun! It is suitable for any age, including young pups. All breeds/types very welcome. Your dog doesn't have to be a collie and you don't have to wait to be invited to join the classes or pass any assessments. Dogs are mostly worked individually so we can usually accomodate the needs of reactive/aggressive dogs. No prior training is needed and it realy doesn't matter how much or little training you and your dog have done before. Beginners are always welcome.  


TUESDAY DAYTIME GROUP (1st and 3rd Tuesday each month)




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Feb 18th

Mar 3rd and 17th

Apr 7th and 21st

May 6th

FRIDAY EVENING GROUP (1st and 3rd Friday in each month)


Feb 7th and 21st


March 6th and 20th

April 3rd and 17th

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