How we train

All Teamwork Training techniques are consistent with the ethos of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (UK) "Kind, fair and effective".

Your dog's welfare and well being - physical and mental - are very important to us, and that is reflected in all our training and behaviour modification. We don't just want to see well behaved dogs, we want to see cheerful, happy and confident dogs. We want to see dogs being allowed to be dogs. We aim to deal with the underlying causes of any unwanted behaviour; not just punish it.

We don't bully or coerce dogs. No scruff shakes, shouting, pinning your dog to the ground. No equipment is used to physically subdue them. No tight slip leads or choke chains. No equipment is used to punish or harm your dog. No citronella or shock collars. We  don't force dogs to do things they are scared of doing, or to behave in a way that will cause them stress or harm.

If your dog cannot cope with the presence of other dogs then he will not be forced to be in a group class with other dogs. We have especially designed classes to help them learn how to cope first. That is why many of our classes are not cheap - but we believe people would rather put their dog's welfare needs above the cost.

  • Up to date reward based training  i.e. based on using positive reinforcement
  • No compulsion or corrections to get results
  • Small group classes or one to one work
  • Techniques grounded in evidence based knowledge as well as many years experience