Paddy Driscoll MSc (CAB) APDT(UK) (no 246) ABTC (ATI)

Paddy Driscoll

used to live in Surrey where she established her dog training and behaviour business, Teamwork Training, in 1996 having been in a successful career as a professional librarian working in public, academic and prison libraries, where she acquired training, management and organisational skills.

The Teamwork Training business relocated to Lincoln in 2003.

Following Covid the business changed direction and Teamwork Training Skills Support was established. She still takes on the occasional training or behaviour case, but most of her professional time is spent supporting other trainers and behaviourists in their dog training and behaviour ventures.

She currently lives with a German Spitz and a Golden Retriever and is currently training her dog in ScentworkUK scent detection. She has owned, fostered and rehabilitated many rescue dogs of a variety of breeds, mostly for German Spitz Welfare, and also for the rescue charity Dogs in Need. She has experience in training her own dogs for a variety of competitive disciplines.

Her past experience has included: 

  • Lecturing undergraduate and postgraduate students at Bishop Burton College, and teaching support at the University of Lincoln
  • Member of DogAid (as a volunteer trainer working with owners of assistance dogs)
  • Professional behaviour and training support to Jerry Green Dog Rescue.
  • One of the first trainers in the UK to adopt clicker training - she presented the very first workshop on the subject here in the UK.
  • One of the first trainers to establish puppy classes before puppy classes were a 'thing'

She has specialised in working with aggressive and so called "reactive" behaviour.  Always an innovator, she was amongst the first to establish groups (like the Gnasher Club) specifically to support owners of "reactive" dogs and those with with behaviour problems associated with poor social skills, frustration and aggression. 

Always keen to update her own knowledge, she gained her Masters degree (with Merit) in Clinical Animal Behaviour at the highly regarded University of Lincoln, with Prof Daniel Mills and Helen Zulch, in 2013.  

She is currently

  • a member of the UK Association of Pet Dog Trainers (no 246) having been both an assessor and an APDT course instructor in the past.
  • on the Animal Training Instructors register of the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC)
  •  a Contributing Supporter Member of the Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians (FABC)


MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour


  • BREED SHOWING - made up 2 champions in 2 different breeds, including the first ever clicker trained show champion in the UK. Used to be on a number of breed club judging lists (open show level)
  • OBEDIENCE - C only, and gained BEx, with an AussieXCollie, having originally won out of Beginners with a German Spitz 
  • AGILITY - she reached the finals of the Barbour Mini Pairs competition 2 years in succession
  • SCENTWORKUK - Level 2