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Training the trainers

A day for dog training instructors

Saturday October 19th 2019

9.30 - 4.30

South Hykeham Village Hall
Boundary Lane
South Hykeham

Using a mixture of presentation, workshop and practical sessions the day will explore useful and important topics for the trainer who teaches pet dog training classes. Both Paddy and Sue are members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and are registered animal training instructors with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council. Any training methods advocated will be accordance with the APDT ethos of “kind, fair, and effective”.

Topics included:

$1·        Barking – in and out of the class

$1·        Scentastic - have fun with nosework! A practical taster session which looks at how nosework activities can enrich your classes as well as dogs lives. Something to help keep your ‘Keepers’.

$1·        Socially challenged dogs and their place in pet dog classes

$1·        Loose lead walking – methods sharing forum

The course fee includes tea/coffee during the day. Certificates of Attendance can be provided.

Paddy Driscoll MSc (CAB) APDT (no 246) holds a Masters degree in clinical animal behaviour from the highly respected University of Lincoln (with a published study arising from her research) as well as having been an innovator in pet dog training, a teacher in training and behaviour at degree and post graduate level, and class instructor for many years. She established her dog training business, Teamwork Training, in 1996. Currently she runs a ‘reactive’ dog support group (one of the first of its kind in the country) and competitive obedience classes. Her practical experience living with foster dogs (many with behaviour problems such as excessive barking), running a variety of classes for more than 30 years and succeeding in the very technical world of competitive obedience brings an unusual combination of experience, expertise and academic qualifications.

Sue Pickering APDT (no1191) runs Paws in Partnership in North Yorkshire and has been training dogs for over 30 years.
Sue is also qualified with the British Horse Society and spent the early part of her career working with horses. She then spent a number of years living and working on a farm caring for a wide variety of livestock as well as training and working with sheepdogs.
Sue has a particular interest in nosework and especially enjoys helping working breeds who find themselves in pet homes, lead an enriched and fulfilling life. Having rehabilitated several anxious and reactive dogs, her passion is real life training and helping others develop the deep connection that comes from a true working partnership with their dog.
Sue currently shares her life with three dogs, Border Collies Tali and Merlin and Lola a Sprocker.


As with all Teamwork Training days, we aim to be as ‘dog friendly’ as we can and you are welcome to bring dogs so they do not need to be left at home, so long as they are used to spending periods of time in your vehicle. Please do not bring dogs that may bark excessively in vehicles. Dogs can be allowed in the hall during the day. Participants will be needed for the practical sessions so nearer the date we will be asking for ‘volunteers’. Sociable dogs only please! If in doubt about whether or not the day might be suitable for your dog please chat to Paddy before the event.

No aversive equipment allowed.