Teamwork Training Workshops and Seminars


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Teamwork Training Workshops


Paddy Driscoll MSc (CAB), APDT (UK)



Do you run a club?   Paddy is pleased to be in a position to offer day workshops and seminars to suit your club or class.    


Dogs Behaving Badly: dogs that don’t get on with other dogs

"Reactivity" is a hot topic these days. The Dogs Behaving Badly days are aimed at the experienced dog owner and hobby trainer, as well as trainers and behaviourists who want a practical introduction to how to work with dog/dog aggression and "reactivity" in both the class environment, shows and the 'real world'. The emphasis is on how to help dogs improve in their interactions with dogs outside their own family and how to manage working with the dogs in the 'real world'. 


Topics usually covered are

  • Safe management
  • How to implement theoretical approaches to the 'real world'
  • Observation skills - reading the dogs
  • Motivation for "reactivity"
  • Welfare considerations
  • How to run a reactive dogs group safely and effectively

Show Off!

For breed show dogs and their handlers, judges, breeders, and ringcraft club trainers. Modern breed showing places great emphasis on handling skills. But sometimes a greater understanding of behaviour and training can benfit the show dog.The Show Off! days used to be a central part of Paddy’s workshop programme and she is pleased to be reintroducing them.  Show Off! days are troubleshooting workshops which cover whatever problems handlers bring to the day.


Topics usually covered are


  •  dogs that back off judges or won’t be handled
  • motivation - getitng more 'pizzazz'
  • how to reward dogs effectively and appropriately in and for the show environment
  • general behaviour and training issues relating to the show ring including minor aggression problem 

Although Paddy is not showing these days, her training and behaviour skills are still very relevant in helping exhibitors in getting the best from their dogs and improve their dogs' enjoyoment of the showing experience. 



Take The Class

Aimed at class and club instructors, these workshops are tailored to whatever an organisation or club wants. Past workshops have included

  • working with difficult owners
  • problematic dog behaviour and the class environment
  • teaching specific exercises (e.g. loose lead walking)
  • course and class planning
  • instructing technique
  • applied learning theory including clicker training

The Take the Class workshops are an excellent way to increase the knowledge of new class instructors and to bring out and show off the existing skills the experienced instructors already have. They can be classroom based, or they can be practical ‘hands on’ days with the participants’ own dogs. Your day – your choice!


 Do contact Paddy for a no-obligation chat if you want to invite her to lead a workshop or seminar on these important topics