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Paddy Driscoll MSc (Clinical Animal Behaviour) APDT(UK) (no 246)


used to live in Surrey where she established her dog training business, Teamwork Training, in 1996. The business relocated to Lincoln in 2003. She currently owns a German Spitz and a Golden Retriever. She has owned, fostered and rehabilitated many rescue dogs of a variety of breeds,  mostly for German Spitz Welfare and also for the rescue charity Dogs in Need. She was a pioneer of clicker training being one of the first trainers in the UK to adopt it not just with her own dogs, but also in classes. She specialises in aggressive and so called "reactive" behaviour.  She is a long standing member of the UK Association of Pet Dog Trainers (no 246).


MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour


  • BREED SHOWING - made up 2 champions in 2 different breeds, including the the first ever clicker trained show champion in the UK. Used to be on a number of breed club judging lists (open show level).
  • OBEDIENCE - C only, and gained BEx, with an AussieXCollie, having originally won out of Beginners with a German Spitz. Judges up to Test B.
  • AGILITY - she reached the finals of the Barbour Mini Pairs competition 2 years in succession. Grade 3.
  • trained dogs for - but not competed - working trials and canine freestyle/htm
  • rehabilitation and fostering problem dogs for rehoming
  • lectured for a number of years on both undergraduate and post graduate courses in training and behaviour at Bishop Burton College; teaching support at Lincoln University


  • Member of DogAid
  • Enhanced CRB checked
  • Contributing author 'Teach Yourself Dog Training' and author of numerous artciles in a variety of dog magazines
  • Behaviour and training adviser to Jerry Green Dog Rescue
  • She is co-author of

    Differences in trait impulsivity indicate diversification of dog breeds into working and show lines. Fernanda Ruiz Fadel, Patricia Driscoll, Malorzata Pilot, Hannah Wright, Helen Zulch and Daniel Mills. Scientific Reports 6, Article number: 22162 (2016) which earned her and the co-authors Scientific Reports' 'Top 100 read articles 2016'.


 hannah and dogs     

Hannah Wright PhD APDT(UK) (no 1158)


Hannah is an extremely skilled trainer with over ten years’ experience in dog training and instructing group classes. She loves to work with people to get the best out of their pet dogs while making sure the dogs are happy and confident in daily life. Hannah has extensive practical experience with dogs, having previously worked in kennels, veterinary clinics, and the rescue charity sector. Hannah currently owns two border collies.




BSc Zoology, PhD Dog Behaviour, Member of APDT, UK


Attended hundreds of hours of seminars, workshops and practical courses with many leading training and behaviour experts from around the world



  • TRAINING: Trained multiple dogs in a variety of disciplines including: Basic to advanced domestic training, trick training, scent work, tracking, search & rescue, and agility.
  • TEACHING: Over ten years class teaching experience including: puppy, beginner adult, follow on & advanced, Gnasher club and agility, scent work and tracking. Specialist areas include puppy raising to prevent problems and management and training techniques for working with problem dogs.
  • AGILITY – Teaches foundation & intermediate level classes for TeamworkTraining and has competed in KC to grade 5.
  • Rehabilitation of rescue dogs and dogs with behaviour problems



  • Worked as a scientific researcher in dog behaviour, cognition and human-animal interactions for over 10 years
  • Specialist in pet dogs in families with children with Autism
  • Teaches seminars and workshops around the UK
  • Training and behaviour consultancy for various organisations across the UK
  • Years of experience in the rescue and rehoming sector
  • Trustee for Jerry Green Dog Rescue