Paddy DBB Bio

Paddy Driscoll MSc(CAB), APDT(UK) Biography – Dogs Behaving Badly




Paddy has run her dog training and behaviour business for more than 20 years and has been a ‘hobby’ dog trainer for more than 40. A great deal of her professional work has been with dogs showing aggressive behaviour and she has also learned both from both her successes and failures in fostering and living with dogs that have been aggressive or fearful around other dogs. She currently runs a group for “reactive” dogs – The Gnasher Club. The Gnasher Club – probably the first of its kind – is a novel way to allow owners to work with their dogs in a positive and supportive environment.
As well as many years of practical experience, she also has a Master’s degree in Clinical Animal Behaviour and has taught on degree courses on the subject of canine behaviour.