Chirag Patel weekend

 About the speaker:


Chirag Patel (Domesticated Manners Animal Behaviour & Training) – An inspiring, engaging and entertaining speaker, Chirag is one of the leading animal trainers in the UK with vast experience of training a variety of animals living under human care (including many domestic, farm, and zoo species).


Chirag has incredible knowledge and exceptional practical skills when it comes to training any animal. He spends a majority of his time travelling around the globe to deliver seminars, workshops and consultancy packages to service providers including Training and Behaviour practitioners, Zoos, Aquariums, Rescue & Welfare communities and Assistance Dog organisations.


For more details see Chirag’s Biography below.


About this workshop:


This workshop provides a fantastic opportunity to learn from Chirag's extensive experience and caring sympathetic style of animal handling.


This informative and fun packed workshop will give you the opportunity to learn or recap the fundamentals of science based training and practice force free ways of teaching a wide variety of essential canine behaviours.


Over the weekend, Chirag will cover training strategies and tools for changing and managing everyday behaviours like recalls, loose lead walking and barking, for example. This workshop will take a look at the fundamentals of training and behaviour change, using ethical and science based practise.

As part of this seminar Chirag will also deliver exciting material regarding the sense/nonsense of so called "advanced tools”, such as: 
- No Reward Marker (NRM)
- Keep-going signal 
- Least Reinforcing Scenario/Stimulus (LRS), and others
- Error handling in training
- Impulse control
- Reinforcement alternatives




The workshop will involve a mixture of presentations and hands on practical work with dogs (in small groups).


This workshop includes tea and coffee throughout the weekend but not lunch


Please bring your own lunch


Who this seminar is aimed at:


The seminar is aimed at a wide ranging audience that has common interest in dog training, behaviour and welfare using an ethical approach with roots in the science of how animals learn.


The seminar is suitable for owners, enthusiasts, trainers, and associated professionals of various levels.
You do not need to bring a dog on this course. All attendees will get the chance to work as part of small groups with dogs for the practical elements.


Suitable dogs will be recruited ahead of the course and allocated for group work on the day.


If your dog is good with people and other dogs and will work for different handlers in a workshop environment and you would like for us to consider him/her, please drop us an email for further information.


Cancellations and other ticket info:


Refunds (minus 10% admin fee) will be allowed up until 26th April 2017. After this date no refunds will be given.


Tickets may be transferred into another person’s name but please advise us if you wish to do this so we have a correct list of names for those attending.


Tickets are for the full 2 days. It is not possible to buy a single day ticket but you may book one ticket for two different people attending each day. Please notify us if this is the case.


The venue:


Parking is available onsite for the 2-days of the seminar.


No overnight camping allowed.


Non-working dogs:


If you are thinking of bringing a dog that has not been selected for a working spot, please ensure your vehicle is fully equipped for weather extremes as we will not be able to accommodate additional dogs inside the venue. PLEASE NOTE THERE IS LIMITED SHADED PARKING AT THIS VENUE. Any dogs left in vehicles are done so at your own discretion and their welfare must be a priority. So that you can get the most out of this workshop we recommend you do not bring dogs, however if you choose to, there is space to exercise them outside the venue.